8043 Excavator


see instruction page for RC instructions


Motorized Excavator - SBRICK MOC in red/ white/ black, full RC, all functions can be controlled via Bluetooth, use a mobile or tablet.

Only original Lego parts were used (with the exception of the 2 Sbicks and the medium bucket).

Some parts were added or changed from the J Krooshoop design.


Power Functions:

- 2x SBRICK (https://www.sbrick.com//)

- 2x Extension Cord

- 5x M Motor

- 1x XL Motor

- 2x LED Light

- 1x Battery box small


6 Bucket options:

- 1x large bucket (original)

- 1x medium bucket (not Lego, 3D Printer)

- 1x small bucket

- 1x Clamshell bucket (like 42043 with Actuator)

- 1x Grapple (like 42042)

- 1x Claw (for e.g. tree trunks)



- 2x red lift arms 5 x 7 Open Centre Frame Thick (64179)

- 40x red Technic, Link Tread Attachment, Double, Rubber (14149)

- Track sides covered

- Chassis - front and back covered

- Engine/ Motor cover

- Cabin roof